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NRA head: Gun control advocates 'exploiting' Florida tragedy

The head of America's powerful gun lobby says Democrats are putting politics ahead of school safety.

Syria war: Russia says no agreement on ceasefire resolution

The Eastern Ghouta comes under continuing bombardment as the UN Security Council meets in New York.

Arizona couple charged with locking up adopted children

Police were alerted after one of the adopted children left the house to make a phone call.

Trump-Russia: New charges for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

Mr Manafort and Mr Gates allegedly conspired to hide more than $30m from tax officials.

BBC news for Cornwall

Deep-space communication base coming to Cornwall

An £8.4m upgrade to a satellite at Goonhilly Earth Station will track missions to the moon and Mars.

'Despicable' dog cruelty pair from Penzance sentenced

The animal was found malnourished and had a skin disease that left him without 90% of his fur.

Josh Clayton death on Tresco 'not murder' say police

Josh Clayton's family always believed his death was not an accident.

Cornwall Council to cut disabled parking charges to £350

Anyone who paid more than £3,000 for a disabled space outside their home will be refunded.